C3fusion: Enterprise IoT Managerâ„¢

To Command, Control and Communicate between Systems, Devices and Sensors

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to reshape the future of technology convergence, the need for an Enterprise IoT Manager becomes paramount.  Are you facing the challenges of integrating a plethora of legacy systems, IoT devices and sensors and managing the data being communicated between them?  Do you need a Unified Security Solution that supports the growing proliferation of IoT devices and sensors that add value to a command and control environment? Look no further than IPVideo Corporation's C3fusion. C3fusion supports leading VMS solutions as well as a long and growing list of traditional security and non-security systems, devices and sensors to create a centralized management hub that delivers new levels of interactive functionality and efficiency.

C3fusion integrates disparate security sub-systems, IoT devices and sensors into a Common Operating Picture (COP), and then filters and prioritizes the data being communicated to enable security personnel to make informed decisions with complete situational awareness. This Enterprise IoT Manager is ideal for customers wishing for functionality and integration options beyond that available through the typical video management and/or other security solutions. Benefits include:

  • Centralized management and monitoring of disparate sub-systems across multiple locations
  • Extends investment in stand-alone legacy security systems by providing a gateway for open integration between separate platforms
  • Direct integration between open standards security sub-systems and IoT devices and sensors
  • Proactive tool filters and prioritizes sensor data that improves situational awareness, ensuring consistent, action-appropriate responses
  • Allows multiple operators to affect optimal workflow for triggered events, promoting a collaborative environment
  • Lowers operating costs by streamlining procedures and reducing the likelihood of human error


C3fusion provides an operator with the ability to take control of a security event, efficiently resolve the incident and then automatically archive the incident in a common database for later review or forensic analysis. These processes are handled through the use of CaseMaker and CaseExplorer, two applications embedded within C3fusion that provide user-friendly, step-by-step guidance in managing, documenting and storing complex, multi-tiered security events and bundling them into comprehensive “cases” for future searchable access and forensic use.

Case Maker:

•   Allows administrators to define appropriate workflows for specific events/alarms
•   Events/alarms trigger the specified workflow prompts necessary for an operator to effectively respond
•   Requires operator to accept ownership of the event and its’ applicable workflow
•   Prompted steps must be executed in order for each active case to be completed and marked “closed”
•   Operators can attach text, voice notes and video snapshots in order to add details to each active case
•   Archived cases are available for forensic review through case explorer

Case Explorer:

•   Browser-based auditing tool enables administrators to search, retrieve and view archived cases
•   Easy-to-use search engine allows users to find case files based on workflow tasks, terms and/or key phrases within a saved case
•   Located case files display the workflow checklist presented to the associated operator and the steps taken to resolve the case
•   Allows for review of additional text, voice notes and video snapshots associated with each saved case

The below animation shows the difference between a traditional command environment, and a center powered by C3fusion. Note that all disparate systems are viewed and controlled from a single interface when using C3fusion.




     Download a C3fusion datasheet.




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