Purchase Through PEPPM!

PEPPM (pronounced PEP-um) provides participating schools, municipalities and agencies with excellent services, bid protection and pricing for top brands of technology. IPVideo is proud to be an approved PEPPM vendor. Many states honor the PEPPM contract.

PEPPM has negotiated outstanding prices with key technology vendors, but goes beyond price to deliver tremendous benefits to qualified buyers.

  • Powerful Terms and Conditions provide relief from common headaches associated with technology purchases
  • PEPPM conducts competitive sealed bids according to state statutes that can be used statewide by eligible buyers
  • PEPPM staff review paper-based orders for accuracy and readability, making corrections with buyer permission and then archives them before submitting to vendor
  • PEPPM staff provides support (administrative, operational, technical interface and conflict resolution) to buyers such as expediting orders, discontinued product
    replacement terms, etc.
  • PEPPM archives pricing and purchase orders for audit verification, supporting buyers that may be unable to provide adequate documentation for their purchase in the event of an audit
  • You can use PEPPM Contracts for E-rate purchases.

Visit the PEPPM website to learn more.




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