Mosaic Mobile

This page contains information about the Mosaic Mobile app and links to Google Play and the App Store.


Mosaic Mobile Highlights



Access From Anywhere
  • Instant access anywhere: View and play back incidents on smartphones and tablets so you can always stay on top of things
  • Stay informed: Mosaic Mobile will notify you when alarms are triggered on your premises
  • Secure connectivity: All communication between the Mosaic Mobile app and server is encrypted, ensuring superior security
  • Easily share video: Take immediate action by creating and watching exports on-the-go
  • View video across distributed surveillance sites: Users can access cameras from all sub-sites in large, multi-site installations
Rapid Incident Response
  • Respond to incidents when they happen: Users can push live video from the device's camera directly into the Mosaic system allowing you to document incidents as they happen
  • Know exactly where to send first responders: Users can document the location of pushed video by associating a GPS position with the live video they capture
  • Address security situations promptly: When an alarm is triggered, push notifications are sent to designated users, so they can respond immediately when a situation arises.
  • Control outputs remotely: Whether or not they are physically on-site, users can control outputs, such as closing/opening doors and switching lights on/off
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