K-12 Education

As heightened security awareness percolates throughout educational facilities around the country, schools are faced with implementing cost-effective and reliable security solutions to meet the growing need for surveillance to protect people, property and assets. With that goal in mind, over 100 school districts, large and small, have chosen to put their trust in integrated surveillance solutions from IPVideo Corporation. 

Administrative access can be structured so that school principals view only cameras within their facility, where as all cameras district-wide can be viewed and managed from a centralized location, such as district offices. Easy and free integration with a wide range of access control solutions provide important, added value to the system.
In addition, video alerts from schools or campuses in the same locale can be monitored at a central command center for collaborative management of a crisis situation. 


Manchester (CT) School District

Bridgeport (CT) Public Schools

Falls Church City (VA) Public Schools

Shoreham Wading River (NY) Public Schools

Great Neck (NY) Public Schools


“The system is easy to use and scalable. We have no trouble adding additional cameras. If we want to add cameras, we just do it. When needed, we add servers so that we have enough processing power to prevent the service from slowing down. In addition, we can program the cameras to automatically return to guard tour, if someone temporarily interrupts the rotation, to look at an event in progress,”

– Dr. Bob Pease, Manchester Public Schools.



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