Higher Education

With growing enrollment over the past few decades, students and facilities are now spread across sprawling campuses with multiple locations. This rise of multiple campuses is accompanied by special challenges when it comes to security.
Sentry VMS offers an end-to-end solution that continues to help institutions like Fordham and Stony Brook Universities in New York to expand their VMS systems while retaining their existing security infrastructure. In this way, their system can continue to grow as they do.  With student and faculty safety and reducing vandalism as the primary security goals, Sentry VMS continues to help these universities to protect their interior and exterior locations.
At IPVideo Corporation, we believe that security systems shouldn’t take a semester to deploy. Our Sentry VMS system is robust yet easy to use. Security staff can easily learn the system, add new cameras or add on new clients without experiencing system down time. This reduces training time, manages costs and gives them more time to focus on their critical mission; serving students.


Stony Brook University

Fordham University

Jefferson Community College



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