Over the past decade, hospitals and medical facilities have been under increasing pressure to balance security with individual privacy constraints, while providing a welcoming environment for patients, staff and visitors and protecting valuable equipment.  At IPVideo Corporation, we provide a complete, end-to-end video management system (VMS) that is simple to use and value priced while serving the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

IPVideo’s Sentry VMS solution assisted Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center in New York to cost-effectively stream video from a new off-site parking lot to security operations. This allowed for 24/7 monitoring, without incurring the expense and disruption of trenching cable between the two sites. The solution also enabled the security office to redirect a given camera to a specific location, such as the bus shelter, should an incident occur. 

With Sentry VMS, security personnel can click on a camera icon and know exactly what video stream they’re watching, which provides Good Samaritan with a simple security solution to support growth as it expands. Sentry VMS continues to provide a flexible, stable and easily up-gradable solution, even as the security office relocated to a new location in the hospital.

IPVideo Corporation’s technology solutions have also been customized for very specific applications within the healthcare industry. IPVideo's Sentry VMS technology provides the basis for an IP audio-visual solution for an organization that certifies foreign physicians seeking to practice medicine in the United States. The solution provides an unprecedented level of video and audio synchronization to monitor and record a physician/patient interaction for instructional and evaluation purposes.


Good Samaritan Hospital

Ozanam Nursing Home

Southcoast Hospital Group

Sacred Heart Nursing Home



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