IPVideo Corporation began as a custom VMS software developer in the mid-1990s. Although our growth has taken us down new paths as a manufacturer of VMS and PSIM systems, we have never lost sight of the qualities that made us successful in the first place. That is, our ability to provide quick and flexible technology solutions to meet unique customer needs.

In 2012, Sentry VMS was the chosen solution for the U.S. Navy aboard the USS America, an aviation-enhanced assault ship for the US Marine Corps.  IPVideo Corporation developed a custom VMS client that enabled a watchstander to view and play back over 60 interior cameras, simply by using a joystick. This allowed the role of the traditional watchstander to be redefined, so they could be redeployed to other valuable tasks aboard ship and increasing overall productivity.

Sentry VMS is a complete, end-to-end video management system that is highly rated on its ease of use.  The system includes a full-featured VMS embedded in every Pro, Edge and Enterprise server.  The application is installed on hardware specifically designed for processing video and utilizes the latest in RAID storage technology. Whether the product is managing one or an unlimited number of video streams and event triggers, Sentry VMS is a truly scalable and customizable enterprise security solution.


U.S. Navy

Smithtown Department of Public Safety

Long Island MacArthur Airport

Brookhaven Calabro Airport

Francis S. Gabreski Airport