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IPVideo Corporation enables businesses of all types and sizes to deploy video management systems (VMS) that are simple, scalable and value priced so the chosen solution and platform evolves as the company evolves. From office space, to manufacturing and industrial environments, SentryVMS delivers powerful and highly reliable systems that are easy to deploy, use and maintain. NVRs are offered in three models, with a range of storage options, and can be used independently or as part of a network to create extensive, enterprise class systems. 

IPVideo’s Sentry VMS is installed at Fairfield Properties, an owner of hundreds of residential and commercial properties on Long Island.  The Sentry VMS Edge, along with numerous cameras, helps Fairfield monitor and protect their properties from vandalism while providing a sense of safety and security for the owners and residents, adding to the perceived property value. The Sentry VMS Edge enables camera viewing of multiple properties from one single location. With embedded enterprise-level software, the Edge solution can be easily expanded so that new cameras can be added as properties are acquired. 


  Karp Industries (download case study)

Fairfield Properties

Hol-Mac Corporation

Con Edison

Lees Market

Eng Yarns




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