SentryVMS Mobile Gets a Killer Upgrade

SentryVMS Mobile, with sophisticated, enterprise-class video management capabilities, accessible through the industry's easiest-to-use and most intuitive mobile application, is now better than ever! 

With a brand new, tile-based navigation panel, users can quickly scroll through their high-def surveillance cameras with ease, making SentryVMS Mobile an even more dynamic and simple-to-use interface. 

Also, a new feature has been added, that gives SentryVMS users the ability to make use of supported access control systems through the mobile app.  Users are not only able to see cameras associated with various doors controlled through access control, but can now lock, unlock and control door scheduling directly from SentryVMS Mobile with no middleware needed.  In addition, users can scroll through for access interface of SentryVMS Mobile and access the latest entry to specific doors, the alarm history, associated facility maps and door status, all at the tip of their fingers.

SentryVMS Mobile Update