Ideal for Law Enforcement Agencies

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Use AVfusion to replace antiquated VHS, DVD or DVR technology. This easy-to-use product allows law enforcement professionals to quickly launch recording sessions, catalog them with data, search and retrieve recordings -- all from any secure desktop running AVfusion software. 

AVfusion is currently deployed in police interrogation applications. Contact us to find out how our professional team can assist you with end-to-end system design, custom programming and integration services, complete system implementation and training. 






Key Benefits​

  • Ideal for recording interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses
  • Protects officers from allegations of coerced confessions or mistreatment of suspects
  • Remote placement of  recording server and control station makes recording technology unobtrusive. Only a camera and microphone are necessary at interview location 
  • Officers can remotely view interviews live, over the network
  • Easily search recorded files for specific content, using video tags and cataloging data
  • Minimize the risk of unauthorized viewing or copying by storing files on a secure server instead of on removable media
  • When sharing across agencies is required, MP4 file format can be viewed using standard media players​
  • Priced 20% less than competitive solutions 
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